Body Mapping Technology

Early on we learned that good fit did not have much to do with the number of panels in the short or jersey or a tight fit. Good fit is more about the size,shape, and location of the panels combined with the unique characteristics and quality of the fabric.The culmination of this thinking is the fit concept we call Body Mapping. Body Mapping Technology approaches the body as a dynamic 3D form that moves through specific ranges of motion. In order to provide the best fit and comfort,a jersey or bib must not just fit tightly over the body, but actually conform to the body’s contours. Body Mapping Technology does just that by integrating Smart Panel Design with Ergo Stretch Performance fabrics in order to provide excellent comfort, aerodynamics, and range of motion.The results are amazing. You will have a hard time telling where your kit ends and your skin begins. Chamois time never felt so good.


Respire Moisture Management

Two way transfer technology moves moisture out while letting air in increasing performance and comfort through improved thermoregulation.


Ergo Stretch Performance (ESP)

Multi-directional stretch coupled with high compression fabric combine to provide uniform compression in all directions to the body without inhibiting movement to afford a better fit and extended comfort.


Smart Panel Design

The size and shape of the panel are determined with consideration to the performance demands of the location and the fabric being used. Seam position is based on maximum comfort and wear over extended time periods.


Minimalist LASER Edging

Cutting the fabric on a bias with a LASER allows the elimination of a seam, and thus a way to finish without bulky hems. You’ll find it difficult to tell where the jersey ends and your skin begins.


Hands Free Audio Port

Although we certainly do not condone the use of riding your bicycle with headphones to block out the sounds of traffic, we realize there are times that you may ride with headphones or an earpiece in your ear or a headlight strapped to your helmet. Our audio port inside the rear right pocket of your jersey keeps your cords running on the inside of your jersey instead of out and around.